Christian Resources for Developing Countries

The Charity was specifically set up to provide reformed Christian Literature at a cost which people living in developing countries can afford. The charity benefits from generous discounts which the main evangelical publishers give. Further discounts are achieved by buying in bulk. We are also hoping if finance is available to re-print books which are no longer available but have been of spiritual benefit to Gods people in the past.

Promoting the Spiritual Growth of the People

In the United Kingdom we are blest with an abundance of Evangelical Christian books. This is not the case in developing countries and what is available is highly priced and therefore impossible for Pastors and their congregation to purchase. There is a hunger for The Word and we are committed with Gods help to supplying that hunger.  Please pray that all who read the books will find them a means of blessing and that they may grow and be fruitful in their Christian lives.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive library of sound evangelical books at very affordable prices for Christians and Pastors in the Developing World.

Pastor Link

Would you or your church like to support a pastor in the Developing World and purchase for him books to add to his library? Our Pastor Link encourages personal email communication for prayer support and to show an interest in their Spiritual growth.

World Zones

Our field mission is to the Developing World. The countries so far benefiting are Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan.

What are we trying to achieve?

In the United Kingdom we are blessed with an abundance of Evangelical Christian books. This is not always the case in developing countries and what is available is highly priced and therefore impossible for Pastors and their congregation to purchase.

Our aim is to provide Christians in developing countries with reformed Evangelical books at prices they can afford.

We have greatly benefited from the charity of Christian publishers in the U.K and you can see from our book list we have a wide selection of books at affordable prices which are in our warehouses in Uganda and England.

A Quotation from an unknown source

The printed page is a missionary that can go anywhere and do so at very small cost. It enters closed lands and reaches all strata of society. It never gets ill. It penetrates through the mind to the heart and conscience. It has and is producing results everywhere. It has often lain dormant yet retained its life and bloomed years later.

In what way can you or your Church support the work?



Remember the work in prayer that wisdom will be given to purchase the right books which will be beneficial to the countries they are being sent. There are many cultural problems and books acceptable to us in the U.K may not be helpful in Uganda.



Pray for those Pastors and students who receive the books that they will be blessed.



We are constantly looking for new contacts. If you know of a Pastor, teacher, student or anyone who you feel would benefit please let us know. Also if you hear of a Bible Conference about to take place please contact us via our Referral Page.


Sponsor a Shipment

If you or your Church is able to sponsor a shipment of books it would be greatly appreciated. If you want to see what is available and order books for your contacts in developing countries please go to our Bookstore.

Our Policy

  This website has been specifically geared to provide an online Bookstore to supply and sell reformed evangelical books at discounted prices. This resource is intended exclusively for Pastors, Bible College Lecturers, Theological Students and Church Workers who reside and work in the Developing Countries.